Evolution PET Filler


Evolution PET Filler

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The Pegas Evolution is an advanced counter pressure PET bottle filling system for Breweries, Bottle Shops, Specialty Retailers, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and Sports & Entertainment Venues.

Counter Pressure Filling for PET Bottles

  • Eliminates Oxygen

  • 98% Keg Yield

  • 30 Day Growler Shelf Life

  • Fit's Several Sized PET Bottles

  • 98% Yield per Keg


  • Fresh draft beer in a bottle

  • Perfect for filling PET Bottles where Glass Growlers are not allowed

  • Same great counter pressure filling as the CrafTap 3, but at a lower price for filling only PET bottles

  • Easy set up with the Pegas Dragon Tower

Tower Mounting Options

  • Tower Mount - Pegas Dragon Tower, sold separately

    • Mounts two Evolution's per Tower

    • When ordering, order a quantity of 2 Evolution's and 1 Dragon Tower


Product Information Downloads

Pegas Evolution Brochure


NOTICE TO PURCHASER: The use of the CraftPad Manifold with the Evolution is not recommended if attaching a beer faucet to the Evolution for filling pints/glasses.  When purging the beer line from the manifold to the Evolution, you will depressurize the beer line. When pouring a pint, this will result in excessive foam.  Using these parts in this way are at the discretion of the purchaser, and The Growler Station nor the Manufacturer will accept responsibility for the functionality of the Pegas Products when used in this manner, and will not accept returned products that are used in this way resulting in poor quality draft pours.   

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