ReverseTap Dispensers

Better than conventional taps

  • Rapid 7 second fill time

  • Fills from the bottom of the cup,

  • No turbulence when filling

  • Controlled Foam for a perfect head on your pour

  • 99% Keg yield, almost zero waste

  • High keg yield = Higher margins

  • Hands free auto-fill technology reduces labor costs

  • Multiple fill volumes for different sized cups

  • Built in flow meter displays ounces poured

  • Built in thermometer displays beer temperature

  • Not just for Beer, dispenses Coffee, Kegged Cocktails and more


It’s all in the Cups

No Metal, No Magnets…
Nothing to change the taste of your beer!

  • Manufactured by High-Speed & Precision injection molding

  • Double-shot injection for perfect sealing

  • Super light weight design

  • High gloss finish

  • Patented Tension Seal cup bottom

  • Fast dispensing, water tight seal after dispensing

  • Easy to load and unload in dispensers

  • NSF Certified

  • Safe for Beer, Kegged Cocktails, Coffee, and more

  • Available in 12oz., 16oz., and 20oz., and reusable cups