Growler + Can = CROWLER®

The Crowler Can Seamer is an innovative canning solution designed to seal 32 oz. cans of fresh craft beer to go. With quick speed of service, the Crowler Can Seamer can have your customer walking out with 32 oz. of fresh beer in an instant. Options for custom can labeling are also available upon request.

Direct Drive Can SeaLer

Quiet, efficient and reliable. . This innovative semi-automatic can sealer works for 25.4 and 32 ounce Crowler cans. With it’s versatility it will seal both regular ends and resealable ends. Pricing includes shipping.

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Clutch Drive Can Sealer

The original Crowler Can Sealer, this Clutch Drive Can Sealer is both cost effective and efficient. It seals both 25.4 and 32 ounce cans with regular ends and resealable  ends. Pricing includes shipping.

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Crowler Can's are a great option to Growlers, especially when, and where, glass is not is not allowed. We have different options for Cans, Lids, and Labels. Click below to request information for Crowler Cans. 

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Counter Pressure Filler

The CrafTap Smart is an Automated Counter Pressure filler that will eliminate oxygen for up to a 30-day shelf life, and eliminates waste for higher profits. Connect up to 12 beer lines to one filler.

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CO2 Purge Tower

Purging the Can with CO2 will ensure a longer shelf life.  Our CO2 Purge Tower is built with a Taprite Self-Closing Facuet, and retrofitted with gas tubing and a 5" Stainless Bottom Filling Tube. 

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Easy Labeler

The Easy Labeler will apply your Can Labels quickly, accurately, and easily. Made in the USA and Guaranteed for Life.

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Crowler Stations

Perfect for Brewery Tap Rooms. Convenient for retail stores such as Grocery, Convenience, or Specialty Beer & Wine Stores.
Our Crowler Stations are built to control waste, control temperature, and we use 304 Stainless Steel parts for anything that touches beer. Click below to see our Crowler Station options and see how our spec’s differ from the standard ‘Direct Draw’ kegerators from other companies.

Crowler Stations with Automated Counter Pressure Fillers

Reduce waste by 25%, giving you up to a 99% keg yield
Increase your Crowlers Shelf Life up to 30 days by eliminating oxygen
Reduce Labor with the Auto Fill Function of the Growler Filler
Also fills Growlers so you can offer multiple serving options to customers


Crowler Stations with Air-cooled Tap Tower and CO2 Purge

Custom Tap Tower with 19 1/2” Tap Height to fit all sized Growlers
Fill Crowler and all Growlers without creating turbulence and foam
Larger 60CFM Blower keep tower and taps cold to control foam
Manual CO2 Purge to give Crowlers up to a 7-10 day shelf life